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I was asked a while back on my Tumblr if I could share any of my houses, and since I finally figured out how to package lots, here it is! The lot is 2x1 squares big, comes unfurnished and consists of two floors plus a small attic. This is the first time I share a lot so I apologise beforehand if I messed anything up. Enjoy!

EDIT: Might or might not require Apartment Life, I will look into this asap.

EDIT 2: New download link, I'm still not sure if it works correct so feedback would be appreciated. There's one completely without CC and one that I've tried to remove some of the CC that I think doesn't need to be included. I've never done this before and I apologise for the inconvenience it may have caused. Hopefully it works this time around.

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Date: 2011-06-29 09:38 am (UTC)
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I believe that the way houses work is that even though you didn't use any objects from any EP the house will still need any and all EPs currently installed when the house was built, unless you used AnyGame Starter to limit the number of your EPs. Any attempt to install the house by people who are missing EPs will lead to crashing. Missing SPs will only lead to that SP's objects to be replaced with something else.
This has probably been asked and answered at Quick Questions at GoS, so you could try a quick search there to be sure.

Since I have all EPs I will happily download this gorgous house :)


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