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TOU/Policy and creation index

Since I've been asked a few times about my TOU I thought it would be a good idea to make one of these sticky things with my TOU and an Index of all the things I've created so far.

Regarding my CC creations:
-No claiming as your own.
-No paysites. At all. Ever.
-You may include clothes/object recolours in your .sims2pack.
-Credits is always nice and very much appreciated.
-I use a lot of other creators work as a base, respect their policies as well.

Regarding my Sims:
-No claiming as your own.
-No reuploading anywhere.
-Do not use my sims in stories/pictures/legacies without checking with me first.

If you're still wondering anything, feel free to send a PM or leave a comment below. I can be contacted through GOS as well(same username there). If you're searching for something I've used in one of my pictures, leave a comment and I'll try to help out the best I can.

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Found here on my DW:

-[If my heart was a house] A 2x1 unfurnished house.

-[Droppin' Plates] 3 jeans retextures on Yuxi mesh.
-[Me & the minibar] 6 dotted sweaters on Aikea-guinea mesh.
-[We're all mad] 12 AM T-shirts with Alice in wonderland motifs.
-[Drink me] 12 AF T-shirts with Alice in wonderland motifs.
-[Where they wander] 10 AF hooded outfits on Amaryll mesh.
-[Dinosaur vacume] 6 AM T-shirts with KADL motifs.
-[Cake and sodomy] 6 AM tops on Amaryll mesh.

-[Chertograd] 6 eye recolours of Moseyblue's Isaac eyes.
-[Night watch] 5 different makeup dots.

-[A strange day] 12 Hans Arnold paintings on 'Grilled cheese' mesh.
-[Inbetween days] 6 Retrowhale paintings on 'Grilled cheese' mesh.
-[Through glass] 16 Retrowhale paintings on 'B-stroke' mesh.
-[Sleeping with lions] 18 TheBrickLane paintings on 'Route 66' mesh.

-[Where eagles dare] 6 recolours of nemestnaya's lamp mesh.

Found at GOS:

-[Monkey business] 6 AM T-shirts with monkey motifs.
-[Silly walks] 9 AM T-shirts with Monty Python motifs.
-[Flesh wound] 12 more AM T-shirts with Monty Python motifs.
-[We're all mad] 12 AM T-shirts with Alice in wonderland motifs. (Crossposted)
-[Drink me] 12 AF T-shirts with Alice in wonderland motifs. (Crossposted)

-[Daniel Andersson] Red-headed adult male.
-[Robert Arvonen] Black-haired adult male.
-[Aaron Colston] Black-haired adult male vampire.
-[Samantha Rose] Brown-haired adult female vampire.
-[Joleen Wasserman] Green-haired adult female.
-[Markus Bergfalk] Dark-haired adult male.
-[William Theroux] Grey-haired madult male.

Found under special events at GOS:
-[Secret Santa -09] To Meringue, contains 18 geeky AM T-shirts and a male sim.
-[Christmas in July -10] To AlfredAskew, contains paintings, CD-clutter, Patterned AM tops, patterned AF tops and AM/AF T-shirts with Editor motifs.
-[GoS Advent 2010] Contains four AF clothing sets, four AM clothing sets and two sims.
-[Secret Santa -10] To Nilou, contains two AF clothing sets and one painting set.
-[Christmas in July -11] To Yuxi, contains two eyebrow sets, one set of AM 3D-lashes, one set of floor clocks, a set of DA:O paintings and one set of Art nouveau calendars.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-23 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Hello, I'm looking for something- Do you mind telling me where you found the little island for your neighborhood? I've been trying to find something that size.
(by the way, I'm talking about the one in this picture: http://i46.tinypic.com/zwx1fo.jpg)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-24 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! Small templates are so wonderful, with big ones it's hard to fill it out, and that drives me nuts.

Also I want to add that I love looking at your pictures, your game is just so beautiful ♥